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Product Features

  • Includes a complete assortment of dimple dies and squeezers
  • Squeezes up to 3/16" aluminum or steel rivets
  • Includes 1-1/2" reach yoke (p/n 14-3)
  • Includes Longeron yoke (p/n 14-10)
  • Compact only 12" long
  • Accepts all squeezer and dimpling sets with a .187" shank
  • Compatible with Chicago Pneumatic 0214-C squeezers

A complete ready-to-use kit features the ATS Tandem C-Squeezer, a 1-1/2" yoke, a Longeron yoke , plus a generous 17 piece assortment of dimple dies and squeezer sets (p/n SKT17). The powerful ATS-214C Tandem Squeezer incorporates two pistons to deliver twice the force of a standard squeezer at the same air pressure. It's lightweight, compact, and efficient design is modeled after the industry standard Chicago Pneumatic 0214-C squeezer, and will work with all yokes and accessories compatible with the 0214-C. With enough force to squeeze up to 3/16" solid aluminum, or mild steel rivets, this riveter will easily fit most of your riveting needs without breaking your budget.

9 lbs (4Kg) shipping weight.

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