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Boelube® is a specially formulated lubricant patented by Boeing Aerospace. Use it on drill bits, reamers, saw blades, taps & dies, boring tools, and any other application where smooth cutting action is required. The application of a small amount of Boelube, which is consumed in the metalworking process, will greatly improve tool life, surface finish, and hole quality. The high film strength, lubricity and unique polar properties are the key to its ability to provide superior lubrication. Boelube is completely safe: it is non-toxic, will not promote dermatitis, and does not leave any undesirable residue.

* 1.6oz pushup stick for convenient application.
* Recommended for use on aluminum, titanium, inconel, stainless steel, graphite, composites, kevlar, and wood.
* Can also be used with other ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
* Completely non-toxic, non-irritating and biodegradable.
* Non-corrosive, non-flammable, chemically stable and free of halogens, heavy metals, suflur, phosporous, silicone, petroleum and paraffin wax. 1 lbs (0.5Kg) shipping weight.

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