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Product Features

  • 3.5 in. depth of box
  • Maximum 1.5 in. lift of beam
  • Maximum 125 degree bend
  • Maximum 2 in. down-leg
  • 1 in. front to rear adjustment
  • Minimum 1/4 in. reverse bend (with 1/4 in. apron fingers)

A unique "3-finger" design--that's the advantage you get with Mittler Brothers Ultimate 48 in. 16-gauge box and pan brakes. These machines incorporate moveable upper, bed, and apron fingers, which allow you to achieve combination bends that are impossible on other brakes.

The Ultimates will bend up to 20-gauge stainless steel, 16-gauge mild steel, and 12-gauge aluminum, the full 48 in bed width with the apron angle fingers. Wrenchless upper set back adjustments make them very easy machines to operate. A complete set of upper, bed, and apron fingers, plus a counterweight, are standard equipment; radius finger kits are available separately.

Max Capacity:

16ga (.062") Mild Steel
20ga (.0375") Stainless
12ga (.080") Aluminum

600 lbs (273Kg) shipping weight.

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