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  • Rubber Padded
  • 3/4" Ball jack point
  • Jack Ram 1.25" Diameter
  • Made in the USA

Follow aircraft service manual instructions for jacking

Part Number Aircraft Model Single Or Pairs
BO-30M-B90 Beechcraft B90 Single
BO-30M-C210 Cessna 210, Cessna 177RG Pairs
BO-30M-C300 Cessna 300, 400 & 500 Single
BO-30M-C337 Cessna 337 Series Pairs
BO-30M-FPP Cessna C-120, 140, 150, 170, 172, 175, 180, 185. 182, 188, 190, 195, 205, 206, 336, 337, flat gear 177RG, Piper Tomahawk, Beech Skipper, Champion, Bellanca, Diamond DA20/DA40 and similar spring steel landing gear. Single
BO-30M-MO Mooney M20 Series Pairs
BO-30M-MUSK Beechcraft Musketeer, Beechcraft Sundowner Pairs
BO-30M-R Cessna C-172RG, 177RG, 182RG, 210, T210, P210, and similar landing gear. Single
BO-30M-RG Cessna 182RG, 172RG Pairs
BO-30M-RV Fits RV aircraft that have a threaded tie down rings with 3/8-16 threads Single
BO-30M-SR Cirrus SR20, SR22 Pairs

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