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Fowler's Digital Micrometer features clear, easy to read numbers on the digital counter. As an added assurance of error free reading, every fifth thousandth is numbered on the thimble.

• Complete set of three micrometers measures 0-1"
• Digital counter
• Resolution: .0001" (using Vernier)
• Microfine graduations on satin chrome.
• Carbide tipped measuring faces.
• Positive locking nut on spindle.
• Sizes over 1" supplied with standards.
• Includes fitted case.

Fowler 52-224-103 inch digit micrometer set has a 0 to 3" measuring range and a flat anvil/spindle pair with a 0.256" diameter measuring face for general purpose measuring. The digit display has 0.001" graduation intervals and the secondary Vernier scale has 0.0001" graduation intervals and an overall accuracy of 0.00016" (0-1" unit) for precise readings.

Microfine graduations on satin chrome finish provide clear readings, and the positive locking nut on the spindle locks measurements in place for accurate readings. A zero adjustment on the sleeve ensures accurate measurements. The anvil/spindle pair have hardened, precision-ground, and micro-lapped measuring faces with 0.00003" flatness and 0.00005" parallelism on 0 to 1" micrometers to provide accurate measurements.

The spindle thread is hardened, ground, and lapped to provide smooth movement, accuracy, and long life. The ratchet-stop thimble provides an audible sound and stops turning when the spindle comes into contact with the workpiece, providing constant force for consistent measurements between operators. The grey baked-enamel frame provides durability and is heat-insulated to reduce temperature-related expansion or contraction providing for accurate measurements.

The set includes 0 to 1", 1 to 2" and 2 to 3", 1" and 2" standards, a spanner wrench, and a fitted case.

4 lbs (2Kg) shipping weight.

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