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Product Features

  • Bends 1/4" tubing only
  • Rollers in bending handle reduce friction and eliminates scoring of tubing.
  • Patented, quick action trigger release repositions two-stage handle midway through bend when both handles begin to meet, which allows for bends up to 180° with better control and no crossing of handles.
  • Works with copper, aluminum, brass, thin wall steel, and thin wall stainless.
  • Calibrated markings for making accurate left-hand, right-hand offset bends.
  • Cushion grips for comfort and stability.

Imperial’s redesigned heavy duty tube benders now feature their patented Roto-Lok™ quick-action indexing lever which allows you to make up to 180° bends in any type of metal (including stainless steel) accurately and with minimal effort.

2 lbs (1Kg) shipping weight.

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