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Product Features

  • Deluxe single-channel model features open/closed LED indicators, plus audible tone.
  • Uses electronic inductance to accurately signal when points break.
  • Very compact form factor: 3.125" (79mm) wide x 5.5" (140mm) long x .75" (19mm) high.
  • Completely safe as it does no use any high voltages (4.5V max test voltage).
  • Comes ready to use with a 9V battery.
  • Great for ultralight engines, motorcycles, race cars, outboard motors, or any other single-mag engine.
  • See p/n LED52 or LED52N for aircraft-specific versions of this product.

Deluxe single-channel model with audible tone. Ideally suited for synchronizing single-mag engines such as ultralights, race cars, motorcycles, outboard motors, etc. Eliminates all guesswork and provides a greater safety factor by creating perfect timing quickly and reliably. Simply attach the two to the magneto and ground, then adjust until the "closed" LED goes out and the "open" LED lights up. An audible tone also sounds to confirm that you've hit the break point. Very easy to use and virtually foolproof.

1 lbs (0.5Kg) shipping weight.

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