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Product Features

  • Precision drilled orifice accurate.
  • Made of steel with a rust-resistant black-oxide finish.
  • Includes a set of two (2) plastic dust caps.
  • Comes with storage case.
  • Manufactured by Bosch (formally Borroughs).

The Master Orifice Tool is required by Continental’s SB03-3 Service Bulletin. Use it with Eastern’s E2, or our own 2E Differential Pressure tester to determine your calibrated leakage reading prior to engine testing. Precision machined from steel alloy and black-oxide finished for durability. Manufactured by Bosch (Borroughs).

Note: this tool is not needed by our 2EM or Eastern’s E2M, as they already have their own built-in master orifice.

1 lbs (0.5Kg) shipping weight.

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