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  • Low pressure system delivers up to 500 PSI to raise struts of small airplanes, and also to inflate tires.
  • Requires the use of a pressurized Nitrogen bottle (not included).
  • Features Harris Nitrogen Regulator to precisely control pressure delivery.
  • Includes 12' High Pressure Hose, Shut-Off Valve, and Schrader Strut Coupler.
  • Inlet gauge reads 0-4000 PSI in 100 PSI increments.
  • Outlet gauge reads 0-1000 PSI in 20 PSI increments (500 PSI max delivery).
  • Regulator inlet coupler uses CGA-580 threads (.965"-14TPI NGO-RH-INT).

Our Strut Servicing Kit contains all of the hardware you'll need to deliver nitrogen to tires and struts from a pressurized Nitrogen bottle (that you supply). This strut servicing kit includes a regulator (with input and delivery gauges), shut off valve, 12' hose, and a strut coupler. This low pressure strut servicing kit is ideally suited to raise the struts of small airplanes (8,000 lbs. gross weight, or less), or for the tire inflation of all airplane types.

Note: If you need a high pressure delivery system (0-2500PSI), see our 607 High Pressure Strut Servicing Kit.

8 lbs (3.5Kg) shipping weight.

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