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Product Features

  • Special concave shaped jaws with vertical and horizontal teeth.
  • Slip joint mechanism to adjust to bigger screws, nuts, and bolts.
  • Designed to handle fasteners between 0.12" to 0.55" (3 to 14mm) in diameter.
  • Slim nose for access in confined spaces with comfortable ergonomic grip Hardness HRC56±2.

These Slip Joint VamPLIERS have the signature concave shaped jaws with vertical and horizontal serrations designed inside of the jaws. This which gives the perfect bite around a stripped/rusted/corroded screw, nut or bolt for extraction. Compared to its predecessor, these jaws are wider to tackle bigger problem screws. Adding to its big bite is the "slip-joint" feature made with reversed body structures that allows the jaws to adjust and firmly take on bigger screws, nuts, and bolts!

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